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Dr Li Wan Yin, Claire

Dr. Li Wan Yin Claire (李雲燕)



Dr. Claire Li received her BSC degree from Shan Xi university, Mphil from HKUST, and PhD from the Hong Kong Polytechnic University (Polyu) in the Department of Computing.


Contact Information:

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Tel: 3963 5641


Dr. Li had taken the roles of teaching and researches in local Universities and colleges including HKUST, Chu Hai College of Higher Education, City University, and Polyu. Dr. Li’s researches focus on Natural Language Processing, Information Retrieval and Machine Learning. Prior to joining HSMC, she had been working on the project of Cantonese Speech Recognition in deep learning at Polyu for two years. She is a member of IEEE.

Responsible Project:

With the exponential growing of electronic news, we are facing a news exploding environment. The detection of fake news becomes an interesting topic in academics and has great impact on society and out daily life. For distinct types of fake news, the project aims to utilize supervised deep learning algorithms to judge the news authentity through retrieving and analyzing the effective features of fake and non-fake news given a large labelled real data is available.

Project Information:



Detection of Fake News in Online Media


The project is intended to develop an automated textual analytic system to flag and filter inaccurate or false news online. It will identify major features of fake news compared with non-fake news and use them to develop a detection system with the aid of machine learning through a large sample of legitimate and fake news.

Expected deliverable

We are expecting to obtain promising research results: (1) classify the fake news into pre-defined distinct types of fake news including the verification of the types at first. (2) automatically detect the different types of fake news.

A real time detection system is expected to be built up based on the research results for sustainable improvement in different application domains. The final product might include the platforms in different languages, especially in Chinese.

Industrial collaborators

The project has potential for collaboration with commercial, government departments.

Team members

Prof. Chin Yuk Lun, Dr Paul Lee, Dr Claire Li, Mr. Lap Pong CHEUNG